Czech 4-days MTBO
5. - 8. 7. 2012, Doksy – Poslův Mlýn

Bulletin nr. 1

Event programme:

E1 - Thursday 5. 7. 2012 –  middle - 1st stage

E2 – Friday 6. 7. 2012 – free order - 9th round of Czech MTBO Cup, 2nd stage

E3 - Saturday 7. 7. 2012 – sprint - WRE, Czech championship and 10th round of Czech MTBO Cup, 3rd stage

E4 - Sunday 8. 7. 2012 – middle - WRE, 11th round of Czech MTBO Cup , 4th stage


Saturday 7. 7. 2012 – relay - Czech MTBO championship and Veteran MTBO championship


Overall winners E1+E2+E3+E4 will be awarded.


ČSOS – Czech Orienteering Federation, technical execution by Slavia Liberec Orienteering


For WRE please refer to information for the third (E3, 7.7.2012) and fourth (E4, 8.7.2012) stage of the event.

All competitors registered for the above stages in the Elite class will be automatically included for WRE.


For stages E1-E4 (D = women's categories, H = men's categories)

D14, D17, D20, D21A, D21B, D21E (elite, WRE), D40, D50

H14, H17, H20, H21E (elite, WRE), H21A, H21B, H21C, H40A, H40B, H50

Open-short, Open-long



Women (D), Men (H), D120, H120

All competitors in H120 and D120 categories must belong to H40 (D40) category and older.


WRE competitors are registered for H21E and D21E categories.

Event Centre:

Doksy, resort Poslův Mlýn, Loc. 50°33'26.599"N, 14°40'8.369"E


Special MTBO maps, survey 2012,


E1 – Enkláva (Enclave) MTBO, 1:15000, A4

E2 – Mafiánská vesta (Mafioso's vest), 1:15000, A3

E3 – Letiště (Airfield) MTBO, 1:7500, A4

E4 – Skelná (Glassy) MTBO, 1:15000,A4

Relays – Bezděz, 1:15000, A4


Maps have no waterproof arrangement. All events will be organized in accordance with the IOF ISMTBOM 2010.

Terrain description:

Moderately broken terrain with net of many forest tracks and paths, Sandy ground on some roads.


Competitors unregistered for Czech cup 2012 please send an email application to Libor Bednařík till 15. 6. 2012. In application form please report name, registration number, and category and SI number.

Competitors registered for Czech cup 2012. Up to 15.6. use automatic application form ( )

Registration fees for stages E1-E4 without relays (include start fees, registered till 25.5. will receive a T-shirt):



DH17, DH20, Open-Long

DH21, DH40, DH50


till 25.5.2012

200 CZK

400 CZK

600 CZK

300 CZK

till 15.6.2012

300 CZK

550 CZK

800 CZK

400 CZK

after 15.6.2012

400 CZK

750 CZK

1100 CZK

400 CZK


Single registration fees  and relays fees:




DH17, DH20, Open-Long

DH21, DH40, DH50


E2 – free order

100 CZK

200 CZK

320 CZK

100 CZK

E3 – sprint

100 CZK

200 CZK

280 CZK

100 CZK

E4 – middle

100 CZK

200 CZK

280 CZK

100 CZK





D, H, D120 (masters), H120 (masters)

780 CZK

All payments are to be made to the Slavia Liberec Orienteering, as follows (all charges are paid by sender):

  • Bank name: Fio Banka, a.s.
  • IBAN: CZ3220100000002300069527
  • Bank adress: Fio Banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, Praha 1

We preffer the bank transfer, but you could pay the entry fee in cash at event office on registration too.


SI can be rented for a fee 40 CZK/ one day, please confirm this information with an application form (there is a 700 CZK deposit for SI).



Is available from Wednesday 4.7.2012.


Accommodation types

  1. buildings in resort Poslův Mlýn, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-bed rooms
    • price 280 CZK/person/night for an accommodation
    • 4 night’s package offer: from 4.7. Up to 8.7. for 900 CZK/person
  2. next type – in competitor's own tents in centre
    • price 130 CZK/person/night

Breakfast (50 CZK) or half board (breakfast and dinner, 100 CZK) order possible.

Requirements for an accommodation and/or board please send to, your reservation will be confirmed back.

Total capacity in buildings is approx. 250 beds. In case of beds shortage will be preferred earlier and complete all-event reservations.

Event office:

will be open

4.7.   18:00 – 21:00, in event centre

5.7.   8:30 – 9:30, in event centre

single stages – one day before stage 18:00 – 19:00 in event centre

Distances - parking:

E1, E2, relays –  in event centre (resort Posluv mlyn), accommodation fee including the parking fee

E3 – parking in E3 centre, 8 km from Posluv mlyn resort, can be reached from Posluv mlyn on bike

E4 – parking in E4 centre, 25 km from Posluv mlyn, parking fee 20 CZK/car

Distances - Start, finish:

E1 – start and finish up to 5 km from EC

E2 – start up to 3 km, finish in EC

E3 – start up to 1 km, finish in  E3 centre

E4 – start up to 3 km, finish in E4 centre


Relays – start and finish in EC – resort Posluv mlyn

Starts organization:

E1, E2, E3, E4: interval starts

Relays: mass start


E1   00 = 10:30 – middle
E2   00 = 10:00 – free order
E3   00 = 10:00 – sprint

E4   00 = 10:00 – middle


Relays  00 =  15:00

Prize giving ceremony:

After stages E1-E3 and after relays in resort Posluv mlyn from 20:00 hrs.

E4 and overall 4-day winner’s prize giving ceremony in E4 centre at 14:00 hrs.

After parties will be specified late on web pages.

Bike technical condition check:

Will be provided for categories Open Short, Open Long, D14, D17, H14 and H17. Competitors are required to use tires with minimum width 1.5”.

Safety first:

Cycling helmet is compulsory!

Punch system:

SportIdent (SI) on all events.


Time limit for complains – 60 minutes after race finishes. Any complaint shall be made in writing to the National Controller with deposit 200 CZK. In case of recognition of the protest will be the deposit refunded.

Forbidden areas:

Areas of previous orienteering maps (

- Mariánská cesta, DOK, 2007

- Enkláva 2005, DOK, 2005  + U Polívky II., RMB, 1981

- Letiště, DOK, 2010

- Lada I, BOR, 1999 + Skelná Huť II, BOR, 1999

See our Event Map.

Organizing committee:

Race director: Jiří Putík

IOF Event Advisor (WRE): Jiří Vraný

National Controller: Robert Urbaník

Course setters: Milan Meier, Ondřej Buchtík, Ctibor Podrábský, Jiří Putík, Robert Urbaník