More foto & video stuff
Check out foto and video from Vorvaň.
10.7. sprint and opener
Large galery from sprint and middle.
9.7. First fotos
Sprint WRE race in view of Hanka "Žába" Doležalová.
8.7. - overall results
Here are overall results of 4 days. Congratulations to Marika and Jaroslav - elite classes winners
8.7. - WRE middle
Our races are over. We hope, that all of you enjoy it, and will return back to Czech republic one day. Maybe in 2014 for our next event - MTBO training camp and WRE. Today winners in elite was Marika Hara and Jan Svoboda - congrats both. Results and Split times. Stay tuned to our site, will bring some photos soon.
7.7. - stage 3 and relay
Czech champions in sprint for year 2012 are Jiří Hradil (TZL) and Marika Hara (Fin - Kovee) - congratulations. Womens relay wins SJI - OK Jihlava and mens TBM - Tesla Brno. Full Results and Split times for sprint event and Results + Split times for relays.
6.7. - stage 2
Congratulations to Susana and Jaroslav = todays winners in Elite classes. Tomorow moorning we have first WRE - Czech Sprint Champs. And afternoon - Czech Relay Champs. Will be a hard day. Todays Results and Split times.
5.7. - results of Stage 1
Stage 1 is over. Here are the Results and Split times.
4.7. - Start lists
Start lists has been published.
2.7. - final bulletin
The Bulletin 3-4 was published. Please feel free to ask, if you find something was "lost in translation".
25.6. - sprint special rule
Off track riding is allowed for the Sprint event on Sat 7.7. You may ride anywhere you wish, but be careful. As always that not necessarily means that all terrain is rideable. For all other races off track riding is forbidden, but you can run through forest and carry your bike at last 20cm over ground. It’s same rule as was on spring world cup in Ritka.
25.6. - Can anyone from team Italy contact us?
We did received entry fee from Italy, but no entry form. Can anyone from Italian team contact us? Please send email to or
18.6. - entries
Today we have 423 competitors from 10 countries registered in our system. Looking forward to see you all in Doksy.
3.6. - list of entries
List of entries has just been published. Please check, if everything is as you requested.
We still have free rooms for you:
  • 2 * 4-beds room
  • 5 * 5-beds room
  • 2 * 6-beds room
You can order the accomodation together with entry by e-mail to Libor Bednařík
Event Map
Where is the Event Center, where are embargoed areas? See our - event map. Or you can use Google maps for higher resolution.
Bulletin 1 published
Bulletin 1 has been published.